Whole Foods Tribal Bazaar

At Jeff’s Naturals, we spend a lot of time traveling to meet with natural foods retailers and members of their team. It’s always a pleasure to be a part of events where we can introduce our unique products to new people!

We recently had the pleasure of attending the Whole Foods Tribal Bazaar in the port city of Richmond, CA.  This special event gives Whole Foods employees a chance to sample and learn more about the natural brands sold in their stores.  This results in more knowledgeable store employees and the ability to assist their customers even more.

The event was resounding success and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting lots of new faces while distributing samples of our peppers and olives sold in their stores. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to meet with so many wonderful Whole Foods team members and answer their questions!

Needless to say, we had lots of fun making new friends and checking out some of the other vendors on the floor along with some fun sites.  In addition to mouth watering food and drink samples, we were wowed by all of the natural wellness vendors and exciting entertainment from roaming dancers and contortionists!  Here are some of the fun snapshots we took of the event:

Enjoying the shade
Taking a break from the local food vendors who were serving up complimentary goodies. The vendors served everything from Tamales to Malaysian food….Coffee, Ice cream and more!  Check out how huge the sign is!
Enjoying a little bistro dining. Smells like heaven here. Or is that sausage?
Rosie The Riveter Museum was adjacent to the pavilion where our event was taking place!  This is a wonderful place to learn more about life in the United States  during WWII and the important role women played during this time. Those are Whole Foods team members sending smiles!

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